Saturday, June 5, 2010


First my apologies for this delayed entry. After taking the truck to the below-mentioned show, several hectic days were spent doing laundry, getting the car ready, and everything else (including work!) that goes with getting the family ready for a road trip. We took a long weekend over Memorial Day and spent it in Avon, North Carolina in the Outer Banks.

Saturday, May 22, I took the truck to the Trinity United Church of Christ's second annual Car & Truck Show on Rt. 212 in Quakertown. I attended their first show last year, and was pleasantly surprised at the large showing. As many of us that regularly attend these events know, many "first time" shows are poorly attended, usually due to lack of communication. However they had a great turnout, so I eagerly filled out the registration form and sent it in a month or two in advance.

This year's show was not as well-attended as their first one, which I am assuming was due to the weather- Mother Nature just wasn't sure what she wanted to do. Many Car Enthusiasts are hesitant to take their "babies" out in any kind of precipitation, even "threatened" precipitation. If there is a guarantee of rain, I will not take mine out- but if it is one of those "partly cloudy with a threat" of rain, I'll go. If I get caught in rain, oh well. This was one of those kinds of days. Nevertheless, they still had about 100 or so vehicles show up.

I had a great spot, too- right under some very nice shade trees!!! Too bad I didn't need them, because as predicted by the "Weather 8-Ball" it was cloudy and overcast all day, with a spattering here and there of sunshine. It was also a bit on the cool side, too. That shade would have been handy last year when I was parked smack in the middle of the place with no shade whatsoever and it was 90 degrees and sunny all day. There were three or four other big trucks there, not as many as last year. A local trucking outfit had two road tractors there, all nicely chromed out and accessorized. I always enjoy looking at "working" trucks that are well cared for. One of them had a set of locomotive air horns mounted just forward of the steps into the passenger side of the cab, just behind the steer axle. The horns were pointing out to the side of the truck. It was very obvious what they were there for, and when I said to the owner "blind spot horn, huh?" he just smiled and winked. For those of you who drive cars and know nothing about tractor trailers, never get in their blind spot on the right side, and never, ever come up on their right-hand side when they take a wide swing in an intersection to make a right-hand turn. You'll get the locomotive horns right in your ears.

It was a nice day, with lots of cheap home made food courtesy of the church's ladies auxiliary (highly recommend the hot german bacon-potato salad and the pulled-pork barbeq sandwiches!!!) Came home with the first-place trophy for "Heavy Truck."

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