Monday, May 30, 2011


The (2 older) boys and I took the truck to it's first official outing of 2011 yesterday, to the Perkasie Car Show. Never went to this one before; didn't take any trophies but it was a real nice show still the same. Lots of nice folks, lots of nice machinery there, and they had great door prizes!!! You got a numbered ticket as part of your registration. The door prizes were numbered sequentially in however many there were. If your doorprize ticket was drawn, you then drew a number out of a bucket which was your door prize. Our ticket was drawn for a door prize, and we ended up with a gift certificate for an 8" ice cream cake from DQ. NICE!

It was a pretty hot day, but I dont think it was as humid as they were predicting. There was a very nice, large covered patio nearby where I was parked, and we spent a lot of time under there. It wasn't too bad with a breeze blowing. The boys packed their Nintendo DS games, and some toys. I packed some PB sammiches and some other snacks and a load of bottle water in the cooler to save on money. Note to self: Need to remember to take sunscreen, especially for the little guys. Cody has a slight sunburn on the back of his neck. Shane and I (who share my dark, mediteranian skin) just got nice and tan. Oh and I should mention that on the way to the show we stopped by our Barber's house (he is actually retired but still cuts hair in his basement) and all got buzzed, which helped with the heat. All in all a very nice day.

And, today is Memorial Day. I need to share a quick pet peeve of mine: For some reason or another, many people seem to not understand the meaning of, or confuse Memorial Day with Veteran's Day.

Memorial Day (May) is a day set aside, to remember those in our Military Forces, who have given the Supreme Sacrifice to our Country. Veterans Day (November) is set aside to thank ALL Veterans (alive and deceased, having served in a theater of combat or during peacetime) of our Armed Forces for their service to our Country.

That being said, today I thank John Kulick (whom I previously blogged about: and Tristan Smith, for giving their lives in the service of The United States Army, and the United States of America. John was a career firefighter with the Whitpain Township (Montgomery County 33)) Pa. Fire Department, and also a volunteer for the Enterprise Fire Company of Hatboro (Montgomery County 95) Pa. I had the pleasure and privelege of knowing John personally, and working along side him as a volunteer, and as a DOD Firefighter (US Navy) at the Naval Air Warfare Center FD (Bucks County 69) Pa.

Tristan Smith was a member of my volunteer company, the Bryn Athyn Fire Company (Montgomery County 11) Pa.

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